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Thank you for visiting my website and showing an interest in my work. I am an award-winning professional Astrologer with over 30 years of consulting experience. In the astrological community I am known for helping to establish greater understanding of traditional astrological techniques and the origin of astrological symbolism. I have researched, published magazines, written books, authored courses, founded websites, and presented internationally for a host of astrological conferences and corporate events. 

This site is under redevelopment and I am slowly adding details of my published work and my latest passion: I have always loved the exquisite artistry and symbolic richness of astrology and nothing gives me greater pleasure than creating totally unique artistic representations of astrological charts. Take a look at my shop for examples, or contact me by email if you'd like me to originate a design that matches your personal inclinations (or corporate image).



Awards from the Astrological community

2010: Charles Harvey Award 

Honoured by the Astrological Association of Great Britain for "Exceptional Service to Astrology".

2011: made an Honorary Member of the Astrological Association of Romania

 Honoured by ARR for "acknowledged sustained contributions to the promotion of astrology".

2012:  Jayavidya International Astrology Award 

Honoured as  the first recipient of this award by the Instituted Cultural Association Jayavidya. 

2018: Marion March Regulus Award

Honoured at UAC 2018 as recipient of the Regulus Award in the Category: Theory and Understanding: " one whose work demonstrates the use of astrology with other disciplines, and thereby encourages the acceptance of astrology as a separate philosophical model or recognized discipline" 


"To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge"




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