• Deborah Houlding

Notes on Dorotheus III: the haylāj, Kadhkhudāh, and terms of life

The third book of Carmen Astrologicum offers methods for predicting major life-experiences and calculating the length of life. Although some of the demonstrated principles are illuminating and simple to understand, what we have of this ancient and somewhat corrupted text does not make easy reading – obvious problems are that the translation lacks explanatory footnotes, Pingree uses words that, whilst correct, are not always the best astrological equivalents (for example,describing planets as “east” or “west” rather than oriental or occidental), and the text itself is sometimes garbled, being incomplete in places and undoubtedly put together from various sources. (As Martin Gansten has remarked, Pingree’s offering is an English translation of an Arabic translation of a lost Persian translation of a lost Greek original). These notes will not close all the gaps, but will hopefully provide a helpful supplement to those making th

eir own study of this valuable work, and to any modern astrologer who may be unfamiliar with the terms and techniques it presents.


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