I have masked several elements out of this image where it contained details that were private to my client.  But this shows an example presentation of the personalised astrological reports I produce that make perfect accompaniments to the hand crafted astrology charts. The reports are computer-generated from text provided by professional astrologers. I personally edit and format each report and integrate it into my own text which explains what the astrology chart is and how it is read. The full report runs to about 10-12 A4 pages.  It is attractive, printed on quality materials, and easily read. My editing ensures that only the most relevant and reliable factors are included. This report does not include the hand-crafted astrological artwork as seen on the left hand side (that must be ordered separately). It does however includes a good quality computerised print out of the astrological chart so can be ordered as a complete, stand alone product.

Personalised astrological report

  • These reports are available as text that is intended for adult read, and can also be ordered as text that is ideal for gifts for parents of babies or children.


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